Deirdre is the best in Napoleon

Sacre Bleu!

Next, the world!!!

Elephant seal roaring

Mating call

Painting of two sisters

The Two Sisters

I got a present of a 2016 calendar from my friend Jean, and every day has a different artwork.This is my favorite so far. By Théodore Chasséria, is The Two Sisters or Mademoiselles Chassèriau: Marie-Antioinette-Adèle (1810-69) and Geneviève (Aline) (1822-71) (detail), Sisters of the artist, 1843).

I love the expression on these girls' faces. Particularly the one on the left (Marie-Antioinette-Adèle). I'd like to put thought bubbles over their heads as this is what I imagine they are thinking:

Marie-Antioinette-Adèle: If you mess with me or my sister I will FUCK YOU UP!
Aline: Yeah, what she said.


Too much time on my hands

It's mostly trickery and lucky guesses. But I did get a kudos in the form of this fantastic limerick:

There's a legend that gamers relate
Of a lady who stayed up so late
Playing all hours
And not taking showers
She at last became first in the state

Deirdre and kids with Mellie on front of tree

Happy Christmas

I'm wearing that sweater WITH IRONY!


Evan starts a fire


Evan fires a musket

Uh oh

That's my boy!

Evan punching water

Elvis impersonator in GI outfit

GI Elvis Sighting

Spotted in Downtown MV.



What a showoff Bougenvillia is! Not one, but three different blossoms. Way to make the other flowers look bad.


Catherine Noyes

Rest in peace Cath, beautiful person. Here is Fiona Crawford's eulogy to our friend.

Cath was one of those people who you feel immediately that you want to know better. Ella overheard me when they had just moved to Thoiry, recognised my accent and Cath introduced herself. She had a poised presence, a gentleness and warmth. I wanted to know her better and I overtalked. When we parted I thought, She's not going to want to talk to me again, and was annoyed at myself.


Ciara's 8th Grade Dance

My baby's all grown up!!