painting of deirdre by Cendrine Taddei - gift from Celene

Who is deirdre moore?

deirdre moore enjoys writing about herself in the third person. She divides her time between the kitchen and the bedroom.

Deirdre is the best in Napoleon

Sacre Bleu!

Next, the world!!!

Best in california in ballet

Prima in California!

Elephant seal roaring

Mating call

three birds

Egrets in formation

Moores, O'Connells & Slonims

Family resemblance

Bless us all, every one!

pedicured toes with scarlet varnish

Santa toes


Atlas & the kids

Photo of praying mantis

Praying Mantis

Spotted at Palo Alto Quaker Meeting House. How appropriate! (Praying- geddit?)

Painting of two sisters

The Two Sisters

I got a present of a 2016 calendar from my friend Jean, and every day has a different artwork.This is my favorite so far. By Théodore Chasséria, is The Two Sisters or Mademoiselles Chassèriau: Marie-Antioinette-Adèle (1810-69) and Geneviève (Aline) (1822-71) (detail), Sisters of the artist, 1843).

I love the expression on these girls' faces. Particularly the one on the left (Marie-Antioinette-Adèle). I'd like to put thought bubbles over their heads as this is what I imagine they are thinking:

Marie-Antioinette-Adèle: If you mess with me or my sister I will FUCK YOU UP!
Aline: Yeah, what she said.


Tales from the Trenches

In which I go online dating so you don't have to.

As you know, dear Reader, I am always looking for ways in which I can turn my daily trials into hilarious anecdotes with which to delight you. Well, you're in luck now, because since I joined OKStupid, never have I been so provided with grist for my mill as I have in the interactions with my online, would-be suitors. Please, go ahead, laugh at my pain…