Deirdre is the best in Napoleon

Sacre Bleu!

Next, the world!!!

pedicured toes with scarlet varnish

Santa toes


Tales from the Trenches

In which I go online dating so you don't have to.

As you know, dear Reader, I am always looking for ways in which I can turn my daily trials into hilarious anecdotes with which to delight you. Well, you're in luck now, because since I joined OKStupid, never have I been so provided with grist for my mill as I have in the interactions with my online, would-be suitors. Please, go ahead, laugh at my pain…


Too much time on my hands

It's mostly trickery and lucky guesses. But I did get a kudos in the form of this fantastic limerick:

There's a legend that gamers relate
Of a lady who stayed up so late
Playing all hours
And not taking showers
She at last became first in the state


Dating Sunday

So today is the busiest day for online dating and I promised someone at work I would join OKCupid. So I answered 55 of their very nosy questions until I got sick of that. They generated a chart of my personality.

sign vandelized

Next door sign

I'm trying not to take it personally.

license plate saying wash is my co pilot

My Peeps

Saw this license on the way into Stanford.

Obama in Wallmart


Big excitement here as Obama comes to town. Cops everywhere. They've closed off my driveway and have bomb dogs up and down El Camino. Bummed I have to go to work and will miss seeing the motorcade pass my house.


Mother's Day Present

Mother's Day present from Rita.


Funny sign


All done