Elephant seal roaring

Mating call

three birds

Egrets in formation

Photo of praying mantis

Praying Mantis

Spotted at Palo Alto Quaker Meeting House. How appropriate! (Praying- geddit?)


Neat Tree!

On the way to Mellie's vet



Big spider on web

Arachnaphobics beware

MASSIVE spider on the stairs up to the apartment.


Funky Fruit

Saw this in Cuesta park. No idea what kind of a tree it is but that's some very spacey fruit.



What a showoff Bougenvillia is! Not one, but three different blossoms. Way to make the other flowers look bad.



Supermoon above California Street


Ducks and Trucks

Followed a pair of mallard ducks around the d school. The chase culminated with them going under a hedge to get away from me (or possibly to have sex).



Saw this lovely thing and got a snap using work's camera.


Brings back childhood memories...

A huge nettle patch beside the Oval.