Photo of Hillary

I'm endorsing Hillary

Birthday magnet from the kids.


Golden Birthday

Sweet Sixteen in '16.


Tramp Tales I

So this afternoon I'm walking and there's this guy further up sitting on a wall. I hear him before I see him 'cause he's loudly going on about something. As I pass he spots me and started blowing really loud, long raspberries at me. My preferred option of dignifiedly (is that a word?) ignoring such crudeness was circumvented when Mellie gets a whiff of him and makes a bee-line over. As everyone knows I am my dog's bitch and so as usual I do whatever she wants whenever she want it done. She went crazy sniffing him and his many parcels. I give a hopeful tug and make a few useless clicks with my tongue but Mellie is having none of it. She's done her anchor-dog trick and no amount of pulling will shift her. I give up, realize I have no control over my life and surrender to the encounter which goes as follows:

Rai waliking to meet Luke

Star Wars

Skellig Michael! Ro saw this in the summer.

Deirdre and kids with Mellie on front of tree

Happy Christmas

I'm wearing that sweater WITH IRONY!

Mellie in Argyle

Argyle Mellie

Thanks Liz! You can see she loves it!



A Zombie Nun, A Zombie Colonial boy (Zombonial Boy) and a doctor who was attacked by zombies went trick-or-treating. Mellie was a candy-corn witch but she wouldn't wear her hat. Evan was killing people (with his jokes). One guy asked him what age he was and Evan said "Well, I was born in 1756..."


Evan starts a fire


Evan fires a musket

Uh oh
Ciara at homecoming

Ciara's Homecoming Dance

Ciara is taller than me when she wears heels!


That's my boy!

Evan punching water


Evan found a phone

Evan found a cell phone on the ground. It works! Here he is texting Jackson.