Photo of evan woth his tooth and necklace

Evan's necklace

So Evan found a necklace here, and I told him it was topaz (which is his birthstone). I don't know exactly what if it is but whatever it is he loves it. Now to me it seems very obviously a lady's thing but he seems blind to that fact. Normally he loathes anything feminine and will rip it off him as if he has been burned by acid. But he wore it to Scouts last night without incident and this morning wore it to school. I kept wondering if I should enlighten him and possibly save him getting teased but I wanted to nurture his ying side. All the way to school he kept touching it, he was really into it and expressed the worry that he might get mugged for it!! (Maybe by an 8th grader named Tiffany I thought to myself). He always thinks everything he wears is so cool, he has a real swagger in his walk. I love that about him. BTW everything he wears IS cool, he's right to think that.

photo of redheads

Redhead King and Queen


A very nice exchange with a couple of ladies

So this morning I'm walking on Lausen and I see a woman standing outside the Littlefield Center. She was really striking, First thing, her clothes. She was wearing a gorgeous patchwork leather skirt, brown, white and black honeycomb pattern. She had on a pair of brown wool tights and brown boots which she was really rocking these even tho' it was only 9 am and already 80 degrees out. But the most amazing thing was her hair, which was a glorious mop of russet curls that would put King Charles II to shame. As I passed her, I was really glad that I had made a tiny effort and put on earrings that morning.