Painting of two sisters

The Two Sisters

I got a present of a 2016 calendar from my friend Jean, and every day has a different artwork.This is my favorite so far. By Théodore Chasséria, is The Two Sisters or Mademoiselles Chassèriau: Marie-Antioinette-Adèle (1810-69) and Geneviève (Aline) (1822-71) (detail), Sisters of the artist, 1843).

I love the expression on these girls' faces. Particularly the one on the left (Marie-Antioinette-Adèle). I'd like to put thought bubbles over their heads as this is what I imagine they are thinking:

Marie-Antioinette-Adèle: If you mess with me or my sister I will FUCK YOU UP!
Aline: Yeah, what she said.



Saw a movie about the Ufizzi with the kids. This was their favourite.


Too right!!

Elvis impersonator in GI outfit

GI Elvis Sighting

Spotted in Downtown MV.


Words to live by

Certificate of awesomeness

It's Official

I got this certificate, so it must be true. If you're also awesome, get yours at


Sad Batman

New meme.


Deirdre Simpson

I sent off my passport photo and $5 to and got a rendering of myself as a character in The Simpsons.


Hanging House

Saw this over by the art museum.

Poster for The Pixies 2014 tour

Me and the cool kid

Occasionally, just to keep myself humble (surprisingly hard to do, given how easy it should be), I'll click on the Next Blog link at the top of my blog.


Ian Strange - Suburban

I like this.I'm a sucker for anything on fire.