February 2013

Blurred out DL


So, having learned my lesson from my previous visit to the DMV...(OK dear Reader, you deserve my wisdom-born-of -experience, although the recollection may trigger my PTSD. Listen, don't make the mistake I did and think it is a good idea to go without an appointment to the DMV on Christmas Eve. I thought everyone would at home roasting chestnuts or the like and that I would have the place to myself. Yet another example of how the citizens of Deirdreland are so unlike those of Santa Clara County. Therefore I had not thought through the ramifications of being in line at said establishment, where nobody it seemed was trying to impress Father Christmas. The south bay is probably the motherlode of the non-Christmas-practicing population in the States. All around me were veils and turbans, narry a Santa hat in sight, I knew I was in it for the long haul. Anyway, that's a another story).
Back to the present...

deirdre's face photoshopped onto a swinsuit model

My "Before" picture

I decided to go on a diet, and like all good bloggers I wanted a "before" picture for the record. So here it is:


Scouting Sunday