painting of deirdre by Cendrine Taddei - gift from Celene

Who is deirdre moore?

deirdre moore enjoys writing about herself in the third person. She divides her time between the kitchen and the bedroom.

Deirdre is the best in Napoleon

Sacre Bleu!

Next, the world!!!

Best in california in ballet

Prima in California!

Elephant seal roaring

Mating call

three birds

Egrets in formation

Moores, O'Connells & Slonims

Family resemblance

Bless us all, every one!

pedicured toes with scarlet varnish

Santa toes


Atlas & the kids

Photo of praying mantis

Praying Mantis

Spotted at Palo Alto Quaker Meeting House. How appropriate! (Praying- geddit?)

Painting of two sisters

The Two Sisters

I got a present of a 2016 calendar from my friend Jean, and every day has a different artwork.This is my favorite so far. By Théodore Chasséria, is The Two Sisters or Mademoiselles Chassèriau: Marie-Antioinette-Adèle (1810-69) and Geneviève (Aline) (1822-71) (detail), Sisters of the artist, 1843).

I love the expression on these girls' faces. Particularly the one on the left (Marie-Antioinette-Adèle). I'd like to put thought bubbles over their heads as this is what I imagine they are thinking:

Marie-Antioinette-Adèle: If you mess with me or my sister I will FUCK YOU UP!
Aline: Yeah, what she said.


Tales from the Trenches

In which I go online dating so you don't have to.

As you know, dear Reader, I am always looking for ways in which I can turn my daily trials into hilarious anecdotes with which to delight you. Well, you're in luck now, because since I joined OKStupid, never have I been so provided with grist for my mill as I have in the interactions with my online, would-be suitors. Please, go ahead, laugh at my pain…

Photo of Hillary

I'm endorsing Hillary

Birthday magnet from the kids.



Saw a movie about the Ufizzi with the kids. This was their favourite.


Mellie gets a Haircut


Golden Birthday

Sweet Sixteen in '16.

ruined uggs


Effing dog park turned into a BOG this morning after last night's rain. Why Lord - WHY?


Too much time on my hands

It's mostly trickery and lucky guesses. But I did get a kudos in the form of this fantastic limerick:

There's a legend that gamers relate
Of a lady who stayed up so late
Playing all hours
And not taking showers
She at last became first in the state


Tramp Tales I

So this afternoon I'm walking and there's this guy further up sitting on a wall. I hear him before I see him 'cause he's loudly going on about something. As I pass he spots me and started blowing really loud, long raspberries at me. My preferred option of dignifiedly (is that a word?) ignoring such crudeness was circumvented when Mellie gets a whiff of him and makes a bee-line over. As everyone knows I am my dog's bitch and so as usual I do whatever she wants whenever she want it done. She went crazy sniffing him and his many parcels. I give a hopeful tug and make a few useless clicks with my tongue but Mellie is having none of it. She's done her anchor-dog trick and no amount of pulling will shift her. I give up, realize I have no control over my life and surrender to the encounter which goes as follows:

Rai waliking to meet Luke

Star Wars

Skellig Michael! Ro saw this in the summer.


Dating Sunday

So today is the busiest day for online dating and I promised someone at work I would join OKCupid. So I answered 55 of their very nosy questions until I got sick of that. They generated a chart of my personality.

Deirdre and kids with Mellie on front of tree

Happy Christmas

I'm wearing that sweater WITH IRONY!


Bûche de Noël

Can't make a Christmas cake like Mum did, but anyone can do a yule log. Check out that grain!!

Mellie in Argyle

Argyle Mellie

Thanks Liz! You can see she loves it!


Neat Tree!

On the way to Mellie's vet

sign vandelized

Next door sign

I'm trying not to take it personally.


Nope Facebook...

definitely don't know them.



license plate saying wash is my co pilot

My Peeps

Saw this license on the way into Stanford.



A Zombie Nun, A Zombie Colonial boy (Zombonial Boy) and a doctor who was attacked by zombies went trick-or-treating. Mellie was a candy-corn witch but she wouldn't wear her hat. Evan was killing people (with his jokes). One guy asked him what age he was and Evan said "Well, I was born in 1756..."

in pub

Rugby World Cup

Down the pub at 8am with some New Zealand friends. Rooting for the All-Blacks of course.

Big spider on web

Arachnaphobics beware

MASSIVE spider on the stairs up to the apartment.


Evan fires a musket

Uh oh

Too right!!

Ciara at homecoming

Ciara's Homecoming Dance

Ciara is taller than me when she wears heels!


That's my boy!

Evan punching water


Gas Leak

Should I be worried that the guys fixing the gas leak are plumbers? It's all pipes, right?


Funky Fruit

Saw this in Cuesta park. No idea what kind of a tree it is but that's some very spacey fruit.

Photo of evan woth his tooth and necklace

Evan's necklace

So Evan found a necklace here, and I told him it was topaz (which is his birthstone). I don't know exactly what if it is but whatever it is he loves it. Now to me it seems very obviously a lady's thing but he seems blind to that fact. Normally he loathes anything feminine and will rip it off him as if he has been burned by acid. But he wore it to Scouts last night without incident and this morning wore it to school. I kept wondering if I should enlighten him and possibly save him getting teased but I wanted to nurture his ying side. All the way to school he kept touching it, he was really into it and expressed the worry that he might get mugged for it!! (Maybe by an 8th grader named Tiffany I thought to myself). He always thinks everything he wears is so cool, he has a real swagger in his walk. I love that about him. BTW everything he wears IS cool, he's right to think that.


Photobombed at the Giants

How RUDE!!!


Ciara & Dad

Shooting pool with Granda.


Evan found a phone

Evan found a cell phone on the ground. It works! Here he is texting Jackson.

Evan and Jackson with circus performers

Circus at Santa Cruz

Evan And Jackson with performers on the beach at Santa Cruz

Elvis impersonator in GI outfit

GI Elvis Sighting

Spotted in Downtown MV.

photo of redheads

Redhead King and Queen



What a showoff Bougenvillia is! Not one, but three different blossoms. Way to make the other flowers look bad.

Photo of sita and her dog

Sita de Leeuw

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou



♥ ♥ ♥ you guys


Words to live by


Catherine Noyes

Rest in peace Cath, beautiful person. Here is Fiona Crawford's eulogy to our friend.

Cath was one of those people who you feel immediately that you want to know better. Ella overheard me when they had just moved to Thoiry, recognised my accent and Cath introduced herself. She had a poised presence, a gentleness and warmth. I wanted to know her better and I overtalked. When we parted I thought, She's not going to want to talk to me again, and was annoyed at myself.



Supermoon above California Street

Certificate of awesomeness

It's Official

I got this certificate, so it must be true. If you're also awesome, get yours at


Birthday present for Danielle

I really want to buy this magnet for every one of my friends. I started with Danielle. Eva is next!


I ♥ Mr. Kahl

Evan wrote an essay entitled UFO Encounters. Here is his teacher's comment:

3 out of 4. Very clever ending Evan. Were you really abducted? That explains a lot...


Ciara's 8th Grade Dance

My baby's all grown up!!


Happy in Baltimore

My friend Sheelagh appears at 3:53.

Ellen and Granny

Ellen in The Echo

Ellen's First Communion. Looking gorgeous with Granny Rita.


Sad Batman

New meme.


Ducks and Trucks

Followed a pair of mallard ducks around the d school. The chase culminated with them going under a hedge to get away from me (or possibly to have sex).


Deirdre Simpson

I sent off my passport photo and $5 to and got a rendering of myself as a character in The Simpsons.

drone in sky

Is it a bird?

Saw this coming at us from above at a picnic at work. My first time seeing a drone.

Obama in Wallmart


Big excitement here as Obama comes to town. Cops everywhere. They've closed off my driveway and have bomb dogs up and down El Camino. Bummed I have to go to work and will miss seeing the motorcade pass my house.



Saw this lovely thing and got a snap using work's camera.


Mother's Day Present

Mother's Day present from Rita.


Funny sign


Better late than never

Peace, Love & Joy etc.


Giants 4 Indians 1


Brings back childhood memories...

A huge nettle patch beside the Oval.


Golden Poppy

The state flower growing alongside the Oval.


Hanging House

Saw this over by the art museum.


Birdus interruptus

Parental Discretion Advised



Veering from my usual route I went by the side of Littlefield and got the best surprise when I rounded the corner and saw this beautiful thing.


Digitalis behind Cubberly

Foxglove is one of my favorite flowers.


Rhododendron or azalea?

I can't tell the difference.

craterellus cornucopioides


Could this be craterellus cornucopioides? Corner of Grant Rd and Martens Ave, MV.

brian O Driscoll expelling French snakes

Ireland win Six Nations Championship by beating French in Paris.

Brian O'Driscoll is not just St. Patrick, he's also God Almighty IMHO.


Funky Fungus

Slime mold on ???.



50 No Handed Bike Moves* performed to "Golden Tree" by Martin Brooks.
*approved by the Official Federation of No Handed Bikes Skills (tm)

Poster for The Pixies 2014 tour

Me and the cool kid

Occasionally, just to keep myself humble (surprisingly hard to do, given how easy it should be), I'll click on the Next Blog link at the top of my blog.


All done


Still Hot!!!

My sign says "Cougars Rule!" ('cause these guys behind me don't seem to get it).


Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Am inspired by the sight of John and Liz riding backwards on the Rock & Roll to want to do a photo series entitled "Middle-aged Women Having Fun". Liz refuses to be my muse. "Everyone knows I never have fun" she demurs.

Explosion with kids and Mythbusters

MythBusters Exhibit

We got into an explosion with Adam and Jamie at the San Jose Tech Museum. Somebody forgot to say "Fire in the hole". Bloody well blew my hand off!

red tail hawk

Red Tail Hawke

Course I wouldn't have my camera on me when I got another sighting of a red tail hawk. Many thanks to the kind tourist who followed me into the woods and then emailed me the results.

deirdre and kids in halloween outfit

Frida Kahlo, a Swiss Miss, a Cool Dude And DEATH go into a bar

Had a fun night at the Elkies kids' Bingo night. Frida made a lot of friends.


Ian Strange - Suburban

I like this.I'm a sucker for anything on fire.


Ciara gets a blue streak

three graces

How witchy am I?‏

So this morning I got a feeling that I would see an eagle and so decided to take my camera to work. Let me back up - About a year ago, on a fine sunny morning, shortly after I started working at Stanford, I was walking through the wood at the side of the Oval and there sat a red-tailed hawk (which I mistook for an eagle) perched on top of the sculpture The Three Graces. I was cursing myself for not bringing a camera and never fail to pass the spot since (which is twice-a-day every weekday) without glancing over to see if there is any sign of him.


Santa Cruz for Spring Break

Mystery Spot

Spent a few days in Santa Cruz with the kids. It gets the award for the most-inked city.

Blurred out DL


So, having learned my lesson from my previous visit to the DMV...(OK dear Reader, you deserve my wisdom-born-of -experience, although the recollection may trigger my PTSD. Listen, don't make the mistake I did and think it is a good idea to go without an appointment to the DMV on Christmas Eve. I thought everyone would at home roasting chestnuts or the like and that I would have the place to myself. Yet another example of how the citizens of Deirdreland are so unlike those of Santa Clara County. Therefore I had not thought through the ramifications of being in line at said establishment, where nobody it seemed was trying to impress Father Christmas. The south bay is probably the motherlode of the non-Christmas-practicing population in the States. All around me were veils and turbans, narry a Santa hat in sight, I knew I was in it for the long haul. Anyway, that's a another story).
Back to the present...

deirdre's face photoshopped onto a swinsuit model

My "Before" picture

I decided to go on a diet, and like all good bloggers I wanted a "before" picture for the record. So here it is:


Scouting Sunday


Cute 'Shroom


Russula(?) in front of VPGE

Trio of some kind of russula I think.


A goth, a ninja and Adam Ant...

Ciara as a goth

went Trick or Treating


A very nice exchange with a couple of ladies

So this morning I'm walking on Lausen and I see a woman standing outside the Littlefield Center. She was really striking, First thing, her clothes. She was wearing a gorgeous patchwork leather skirt, brown, white and black honeycomb pattern. She had on a pair of brown wool tights and brown boots which she was really rocking these even tho' it was only 9 am and already 80 degrees out. But the most amazing thing was her hair, which was a glorious mop of russet curls that would put King Charles II to shame. As I passed her, I was really glad that I had made a tiny effort and put on earrings that morning.

scan of birthday card



Fiona is 40

Here's a slide show I put together from photos I have. This is the short version (believe it or not) which I had to edit down to put on YouTube.